What ‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour Has Said About His Weight Loss?

Over the past few years, David Harbour has undergone a change of his body that is quite admirable. In this article, we will discuss his path to better health, including how he dropped weight and how his wife, Lilly Allen, reacted to it.

Over the years, David Harbour has had quite an eventful trip in terms of his health. The actor from Stranger Things, who has been praised in the past for his “Dad Bod,” has also put on a significant amount of weight for jobs, and then later shed that weight.

In the following paragraphs, we analyze the physical metamorphosis that the actor who plays Hellboy underwent, beginning with his audition for The Blob when he still had a bit of a paunch and ending with him losing weight and becoming in shape in order to advance his acting career.

David admitted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2018 that he was still proud of his “Dad Bod,” despite the fact that he is currently ecstatic about his recent weight loss, and that he is currently relishing his recent weight loss.

However, David still accepted his past “Dad Bod,” as the show host had shared that David’s picture was in Merriam-Webster for the term.

“I mean, you know, some people win Emmys, some people, you know …” David laughed off the joke, also adding how he did not have kids at that time.

“You technically can’t have a dad bod!” Stephen replied. “You just have a bod!”

“Or you’re such an amazing actor that it goes beyond even having children to this place where you have studied dads so intensely — and their bods — that you’ve just incorporated one like that,” he continued. “So it just jumps over the children part like that.”

“How do you know when you’ve achieved ‘Dad Bod?’” Stephen then asked.

“I did have a moment years ago […] when I got called to audition for a character in the ‘X-Men’ series called ‘The Blob,’ which is a character who controls gravitational forces with his stomach, basically,” David joked. “I remember at the end of the audition I kind of pulled up my shirt a little bit and squeezed my belly and said, ‘I got your blob right here!’ you know.”

“And the director was apparently very interested in me and he called me in for a meeting at this hotel and I met, and I went with him, and he was like, ‘David, we love you, we think you’re wonderful, we think you’re a wonderful actor! We’re just a little worried […] you’re not gonna be able to carry this suit and you’re just not healthy enough to play the role.’”

“And I was like, ‘So you’re saying I’m too fat to play … ‘The Blob,’” he joked. “That’s when I l knew I had a ‘Dad Bod!’”

He Discusses His Weight Loss, But Only In A Roundabout Way

In an interview that took place in the fall of 2021 with Page Six, David explained how he was able to attain his current body, but not before cracking a few jokes.

He stated, “It’s only a matter of not eating.” “It’s great. You try all these other things, like the protein and this other thing, and then you just quit eating, which results in weight loss. He continued by saying, “Gaining weight is my absolute favorite thing.” I’m highly skilled in that area.”

Having said all of that, he did concede that it was “very s–tty to take it off, though.”

The actor lost some weight around this period in preparation for his role as Jim Hopper in the Netflix series Stranger Things, which ended with viewers believing his character had passed away.

However, it was revealed at the conclusion of the season finale that Hopper was alive in a Russian jail; hence, David needed to make it look like he was an inmate in order to protect Hopper’s identity.

“I think you’ll see, psychologically and nutritionally, it’s not very good for me,” he joked, keeping his true, behind-the-scenes secrets, well, behind the scenes. “I think you’ll see, nutritionally, it’s not very healthy for me, mentally and nutritionally,” he laughed.

David disclosed in July 2022 that he has shed 80 pounds in preparation for the fourth season of Stranger Things, which follows his character as he is held captive in a Russian prison.

According to an interview he gave to British GQ, he stated that “I shed roughly 80 pounds from season 3; I was about 270 [then], and when we shot [season 4], I was around 190.” David detailed that he lost the weight in eight months with a combination of intermittent fasting and Pilates workouts.

David remarked, “I just don’t think that’s anything I’ll ever do again.” “I have this Santa Claus movie coming out for Universal in December called Violent Night, and I gained [it all back]. But after this, I promise it won’t happen again. The prosthesis are of an unacceptable quality.

The Response That His Wife Gave Him Regarding His Weight Loss

In an interview that took place in June of 2021 with the New York Times, David discussed the process by which he actually put on (and shed) weight for the role of Black Widow. “I said to myself, ‘All right, let’s use the weight.’

Therefore, I began to consume even more food. He told the newspaper, “I went up to 280 pounds, and I liked every minute of it.”

That was right around the time that he met the singer who would eventually become his wife, Lilly Allen of the United Kingdom, and she was truly impressed by his physique. The fact that my wife met me at 280 pounds with this beard and this hair is a true monument to my undeniable charisma, he quipped.

“It’s a true testament to my undeniable charisma when I claim that my wife met me at 280 pounds.” “We went on a date at the Wolseley [restaurant] in London, and she really fell for me at my worst, both physically and in terms of my hair,” the author writes.

Because David’s Russian military character, Alexei Shostakov, was required to be featured in multiple flashback scenes to his earlier days for the Marvel movie, the actor was compelled to make the commitment to lose weight.

“I said to the first A.D. [assistant director], ‘Listen, we have to shoot the flashback stuff in the end, so that by the time we shoot the flashback, I will have lost the weight, and I will be thin,’ ” “And he was like, ‘You’ll never be tiny,'” the actor remembered, smiling, when reflecting on his conversation with him. “I was like, ‘Yes I will, man.’ In addition, I was able to shed somewhere about sixty pounds while filming. The initial footage that we filmed was done so in the detention facility; hence, the belly that is arriving at you is all genuine belly. After that, while we continued to shoot, I saw that I was losing weight. Simply put, I was hungry for a good portion of the shoot.”

Despite the fact that her husband had lost 60 pounds, it seems that Lily had mixed feelings” about his new appearance.

“To tell you the truth, she doesn’t know how she feels about it. Which is a healthy place for a partnership to be at,” he explained. “It’s really wonderful to start the relationship from that portion as opposed to being the young, gorgeous buck and watching oneself decay through the years,” said the older man. “It’s really excellent to start the relationship from that part.”

It would appear that Lily is constantly offering her most sincere compliments to her husband, regardless of the size of his frame. After being selected as one of PEOPLE’s “Men of the Year” in 2019, he talked to PEOPLE about how the “Smile” singer had once told him that he was “so lovely it was an outrage.”

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