A commencement speech by Taylor Swift at New York University on May 18 left a lasting impression. During the big and exciting celebration at Yankee Stadium, the singer received an honorary degree from the prestigious school and gave some insightful advice to the class of 2022.

Taylor told the graduates in one section of her address that they would make mistakes and go through tough times in life, but she urged them to embrace those missteps for the lessons they would ultimately learn.

Towards the end, Taylor said some encouraging words to the graduates: "We are all guided by our gut instinct, our intuition, desires, fears, scars, and dreams, and sometimes you'll screw it up."

Eventually, hard things will happen to all of us. We'll get through them. We'll learn from them. We'll become stronger as a result. For as long as we're alive, we'll breathe in, breathe out, breathe through.