While filming the eighth season of Southern Charm, Madison LeCroy became embroiled in an altercation with Leva Bonaparte.

After recording the season eight closing party at the end of last year, Leva unfollowed the majority of the cast after filming a confessional with Venita Aspen, who reveals she doesn't believe Shep Rose and girlfriend Taylor Ann Green will get married.

Because she was so nasty to her co-star during their yet-to-be-seen fight, Madison is curious to learn "exactly what [Leva] says" about her as the season progressed.

"I guess I was guilty by association," Venita mused when asked about Leva's choice to unfollow the cast of Southern Charm. "I don't know what the underlying issue is."

Leva and Madison are currently "waiting for the reunion" to resolve their differences, Madison said. When asked if she thought Shep and Taylor, who had been dating for almost two years, will get married, Venita replied with a resounding "no."

"Shep made it very plain" to Madison that he isn't "that forever person," she said, referring to Shep, who admitted to cheating on Taylor.

Madison came to the conclusion that "he's open and honest about it." You can't expect a guy who isn't interested in marriage to suddenly change his mind. From 9/8c on Thursday nights, watch the eighth season of Southern Charm on Bravo!