Peter Facinelli Fiance Lily Anne Harrison is Expecting Her First Child.

Peter Fanicelli fiancée, Lily Anne Harrison announced her pregnancy on June 24, 2022.

Peter Fanicelli is going to get another chance to become a father. On June 24, 2022, his fiancee, Lily Anne Harrison, shared the news that she is expecting their first child together with the Twilight actor.

According to US Weekly, the actress disclosed her pregnancy status by saying,

“[I’m] extremely pregnant” while participating in a panel discussion titled “Behind the Scenes of Creating a Hallmark Movie.”

She also gushed in public about the actor, who is 48 years old, when reliving the day they went on their first date.

“The moment I sat down with him, I had a gut feeling that he was going to be my husband,” she gushed adoringly about her partner.

The joyous news appears to be continuing to roll in after the two celebrities celebrated their engagement in Mexico in the year 2020. Peter’s agent shared the following statement regarding the couple’s reaction to the romantic proposal:

“Both are beyond ecstatic and are very much looking forward to all that the New Year will bring.”

Following the courageous act of posting a sculpted black and white portrait of himself while raising awareness for prostate cancer, Peter has now made an amazing announcement. He encouraged other men to take images of themselves in their underwear while providing a nod to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the obscene snapshots that he posted.

It’s going to be a vulnerable talk, but we have to start it. Ladies… urge your husbands to do it. And to get screened. Your post and the increased awareness it brings could end up saving people’s lives,” he captioned with honesty.

In addition, the actor discussed the impact that having prostate cancer has had on his life.

“Prostate cancer is an insidious disease that affects over 14 million men all over the world. My own father was diagnosed with illness at an early stage and was able to live,” he shared with concern.

“I implore you to take responsibility for your health. Check up on yourself once a year. Get a head start on it. “And Let’s help fund the Prostate Cancer Foundation and help end prostate cancer,” he added in a strong message. “Let’s help end prostate cancer.”

He disclosed to People not only that he had lost 30 pounds while he was under quarantine but also that he was clearly concerned about his health. According to what he shared with the publication,

“Everything’s kind of shut down right now and I wanted to focus on me.” “So, I did a lot of meditating, a lot of reading, and a lot of growing on a personal level, and I just wanted to see if I could get as physically fit as I possibly could,” she said. It would appear that all of his efforts had paid off.

Peter Facinelli is a well-known American actor and producer. He was born on November 26, 1973 in the borough of Queens, New York. Before breaking into the film and television industries, he received his training in acting at New York University.

His most well-known roles include playing Donovan “Van” Ray on the television series Fastlane and Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight film franchise, both of which have garnered him a great deal of acclaim.

Presently, Peter may be seen playing a recurring role on the comedy-drama series Nurse Jackie, which airs on Showtime.

Peter is best recognized for his roles as Dr. Fitch “Coop” Cooper on the television show Nurse Jackie and as the Cullen father in the movie Twilight.

Personal Life Peter wed actress Jennie Garth in 2001, after initially meeting her in 1995 while working together on the production of An Unfinished Affair. Luca Bella, Lola Ray, and Fiona Eve are their three beautiful girls that were born as a result of their union.

Peter submitted a petition for divorce to Jennie in March of 2012. Soon after that, he started a relationship with the actress and co-star of Nurse Jackie, Jaimie Alexander. On March 18, 2015, the pair shared the news that they were going to become engaged.

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