On Malia Obama’s 24th birthday, Barack Obama writes: “You’ll always be my baby.”

President Barack Obama paid his eldest daughter Malia Obama a touching homage on the occasion of her 24th birthday by posting an adorable throwback photo of her when she was a newborn.

The world now knows that Michelle Obama is 24 years old, and her father, Barack Obama, couldn’t be more pleased for her. On Monday, July 4, which is also Malia’s birthday, the former President shared a touching throwback photo of him holding Malia when she was a newborn.

The photo was taken on July 4. In the photograph, Malia appeared to have a striking resemblance to her stunning mother Michelle Obama. She was wearing a striped bib and a fuzzy purple sleeper, and her father looked at her with adoration.

President Barack Obama paid his eldest daughter Malia Obama a touching homage

“Congratulations on your 21st birthday, Malia.” Barack got right to the point of his eulogy. Even if you’ve become a successful, accomplished, attractive, and gracious young woman, you’ll always remain my baby. Regardless of how far you’ve come.” Then he said, “And I’ll always be here to hoist you up.”

Mom Michelle also shared a photo of her adorable daughter and a touching tribute on her Facebook page. She added, “Happy birthday, Malia – and Happy Fourth of July, everybody!” next to a picture of baby Malia wearing a pullover in a lavender color.

This day took on a new level of significance twenty-four years ago, when the amazing spirit that is you entered this world. I am overjoyed by the poised, compassionate, and self-motivated young lady that you have developed into. I adore you so, so much! Sincerely, your Mother”

She received her high school certificate from the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, and then went on to pursue her post-secondary education at Harvard University, just like both of her parents did.

Both of them have a lot of reasons to be proud of her accomplishments. She graduated with the highest honors from her Bachelor of Arts program in Visual and Environmental Studies in May of 2021, and ever since then, she has been working toward a profession as a writer.

Malia was able to obtain a job with Donald Glover on one of his new projects after gaining experience working as an intern for Lena Dunham on the show Girls. In an interview from the previous year, Glover, who is also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, had nothing but complimentary things to say about the former First Daughter.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, he referred to her as “an extremely talented individual.” “She has a very clear head on her shoulders, and she’s putting in a lot of effort. I have the impression that she is the type of person who is going to very quickly achieve a lot of success. Her writing is of excellent quality, another thing he mentioned.

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