New Selfie: Dua Lipa in a Cutout Camouflage Corset

In a racy new selfie, Dua Lipa can be seen sporting a camouflage corset top that is strapless and features a gaping cutout on the chest. She looked sexier than she ever has.

dua lipa

When it comes to Dua Lipa, there is one thing that is always true: she is constantly rocking beautiful attire, and that is precisely what she did in a recent selfie that she posted online.

The woman, who is 26 years old, published a snapshot to her Instagram account in which she was seen wearing a cutaway camouflage corset top that was strapless and featured a cutout on the chest that revealed considerable cleavage.

Dua Lipa looked amazing in the EMEERREE Cargo Corset with CutOut, which clung to her body closely and showed off an ample amount of cleavage. Her naked chest and trim waist were accentuated by the top, which she complemented with a mascot necklace designed by Alan Crocetti.

Dua Lipa had on very little makeup, other than a pink lip, and her hair was pulled back into a braid, which contributed to the photo giving the impression that her skin was immaculate.

Aside from this look, Dua Lipa recently gave a performance at the Spotify Cannes Lions Festival while wearing a custom neon green Coperni dress with a crisscross halter neckline and a cutout on her chest.

Lipa Dua’s outfits recently have been seriously on point, and aside from this look, she recently performed at the Spotify Cannes Lions Festival while wearing the same dress.

The Dua Lipa sleeveless dress had a keyhole cutout on the bodice, and it wrapped around her neck. She opted not to wear a bra underneath the dress, which showed off her considerable cleavage.

The skirt of the bottom part of the dress was wrapped around, and there was very little underwear visible beneath the extremely low hem. Dua Lipa finished off her daring getup with a pair of fishnet tights and a pair of sneakers that were a collaboration between Puma and Dua Lipa but had not yet been launched.

Aside from these outfits, Dua Lipa most recently gave a performance at the Love Stream Festival in Slovakia. For that show, she donned a skin tight metallic silver criss cross crop top paired with a matching skin tight little skirt.

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