Chleb Ravenell of Southern Charm discusses Kathryn’s breakup and whether or not he’ll show another relationship on reality television.

Another couple has fallen victim to the ill-fated influence of reality television, this time Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell. Chleb admits in a recent interview that taping the show “speeded up” their separation and was the driving force behind the couple’s decision to go their separate ways.

In an interview with US Weekly, Chleb Ravenell revealed that things between him and Kathryn began out well; however, he stated that he went into the relationship “blind,” and the program only served to magnify the couple’s troubles.

“It got off to a good start,” the new cast member of Southern Charm told the site. “[However], she was not sharing with me the struggles that she was experiencing. She informed me that she was going through things like court issues and other stuff where her children and custody battles were involved. She was withholding information about her relationships [with the other cast members] from me.

“I had no idea what I was doing when I started helping her. After that, everything kind of just kind of dropped on me. And whenever I would tell her how I felt, she would respond with something along the lines of, “Oh, you’re a grown-up man.” Chleb Ravenell asserted that you must be able to deal with the situation on your own.

Chleb Ravenell had great expectations that the show would bring him and Kathryn closer to one another, but he said that he was naive because this would be his first time appearing on a reality show.

Chleb Ravenell stated that he should have listened to Kathryn when she cautioned him not to talk about their relationship on the show since it would almost certainly destroy their connection, but he added that he didn’t heed to her advice.

Chleb Ravenell shared his thoughts with Us, saying, “I was like, maybe this can bring us together.” “Because this is my first time appearing on television. And she’s been warning me that “It’s going to break us up” all along. I thought to myself, “Nah, nah, we’re going to go even closer.” But it drove a wedge between us.

Many people believe that the separation occurred because of all the drama that occurred between Kathryn and her ex-husband, Thomas Ravenel, who is also the father of her children and also Kathryn’s previous co-star on Southern Charm.

On the other hand, Chleb Ravenell stated that everything boiled down to him feeling “underappreciated,” and that whenever they recorded together, it would just be an argument, which wasn’t good. He also stated that the dynamic between them was unhealthy.

According to the star of Southern Charm, “I didn’t feel like whatever I had to do meant all that much to her [Kathryn] because of everything that she was going through.” “She didn’t have the mental capacity to truly think about what the hell I was going through, and I can’t really judge her for that. However, I mean… it just came to a point where we just had to simply break it off,” he said.

Chleb Ravenell went on to explain that “every time we would film, it would simply be an argument…. It had reached a trivial level. After that, both of us were like, “You know what? We ought to just call it quits on this.”
Chleb Ravenell, on the other hand, claims that he will never stop loving Kathryn and that he hopes nothing but the best for her and her future.

“Even though I know it’s for the best, it still makes me sad because we’ve been through so much together,” she said. Therefore, I always send her my best wishes. “I’m always going to love her, but only from a distance,” he stated, adding that he hopes that she and the children will be successful.

Chleb Ravenell has one and only one requirement for any of his future relationships being shown on reality television, and that is that the couple must be married. It was discovered that he thinks producers try to lead couples into romantic difficulties for the sake of storylines, but he feels that producers would never touch a couple’s marriage.

He responded, “If I were married, I would absolutely do it.” If you’re not already married, the producers of reality shows will use any excuse to try to get you to part ways with your significant other, in my experience. If you are married, though, you already have such a solid connection to one another. I seriously doubt that any of the producers or anyone else involved would show up after that.”

As for Kathryn, it appears that she has already moved on after the recent publication of new photographs showing her with a man whose identity remains unknown.

The eighth season of Southern Charm can be seen on Bravo on Thursday nights at 9 o’clock Eastern Standard Time.

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