Bella Thorne Celebrates Independence Day in an American Flag Bikini: Photos

Bella Throne can be seen wearing a revealing patriotic thong two-piece, In a recent series of eye-catching Instagram photographs, While smiling and proudly standing underneath an American flag.

Bella Thorne

On July 4th, Bella Thorne, who is 24 years old, drew the attention of her followers by celebrating the occasion in a bikini that included an American flag pattern. The actress appeared to exude self-assurance as she posed for a series of photographs while modeling the two-piece swimsuit, which had a strapless top and a thong bottom.

The shots were taken outside, with an American flag flying above her and palm palms in the background. She had her shoulder-length blonde hair down and parted down the middle, and she accessorized her outfit with round sunglasses.

In the captions that accompany the photos, Bella writes, “PATRIARCHY CAN EAT MY.” Her devoted following did not take long to respond, as the majority of their comments expressed approval of the photographs.

One of her admirers emailed her, saying, “You look so lovely,” while another said that her sunglasses were “very cute.” A third congratulated Bella on her birthday and wished her a happy Fourth of July. You are always lovely, and beaming with powerful, great energies,” and many more also gave her heart emojis in red, white, and blue.

These merry pictures of Bella were taken just a few days after she was seen out and about with an unknown male. The gorgeous girl, who had just recently broken up with her fiance Benjamin Mascolo, was seen having dinner with the hottie at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood, California, wearing a gray sleeveless crop top and dark gray suede cargo pants with pockets.

The pants had pockets. In contrast to her, he dressed impeccably in all black, with a black blazer over a black vest, black slacks, and white sneakers. She completed her ensemble with bright yellow heels.

It is difficult to determine whether or not Bella’s most recent excursion with the man who cannot be identified is a sign that she has moved on romantically from Benjamin, but it is certainly a possibility.

After dating for two years, the couple finally decided to get engaged in March of 2021, but Bella claimed that their hectic schedules had been making it difficult to plan their wedding. She told HollywoodLife in September 2021 in an exclusive interview, “I already have three or four movies scheduled for the following year, and Ben also has something scheduled for the following year.”

Because of this strange circumstance, both of us have a lot of work to do right now, and we’d really like to take some time off before the wedding so that we can actually enjoy it.

PEOPLE was informed by a reliable source at the beginning of the month of June that Bella and Benjamin had broken up. “After more than a year of dating and being engaged, Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo have decided to end their relationship and break off their engagement.

According to the source, the couple has parted ways in a civilized manner despite the fact that their hectic schedules caused them to spend a lot of time apart, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship.

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